Proven and profitable applications

Bsafe Mobile, FleetSafer, Bfound Mobile, OK Golfer, Golf Gambler, Drive Sober, Save My Child, Urgent Dentist.


application development and manufacturing

Hexagon Holdings aims to develop manufacturing plants in Kuala Lampor, Prague, Budapest, Canada, Brazil and the United States to create technological facilities for both our apps and others.


Dental Care/Medical Care

We desire to create 30 urgent care dental offices across the New York tristate area over the next 24 to 36 months, in addition we will be providing mobile eldercare dentistry.


Medical Cannabis

More information coming soon.


digital media

Hexagon Holdings looks to both develop and manage digital multimedia content in Malls, Stores, Gas stations, restaurants, theaters and Stadiums.


Coming soon


.Hexagon Holdings seeks to acquire and/or merge with businesses that present new opportunities and innovative business plans, especially with respect to new technologies. Hexagon Holdings owns 100% of Family Mobile Safety Marketing, the distributor of a safe driving App and a 49% equity/ownership stake in Digital Media Management & Consulting, a joint venture which implements electronic sell-through and content advertising supported networks.



Steve Berman, CEO

Steve is a New York native with over 30 years of sales success and executive leadership experience. Steve is a successful entrepreneur, having founded several companies and serving in the CEO role. In his various roles managing and building various businesses, Steve has been instrumental in securing capital financings for several public and private companies, including start-ups and pre-revenue businesses. Most recently, Steve co-founded 3DMC, a premier digital multimedia company; and also served as CEO of Stealth Sports and Marketing, a consulting firm specializing in marketing and multimedia solutions to professional sports teams.
Prior to working with 3DMC and Stealth, Steve held the positions of Senior Vice President at YES Network (, the number one regional sports network in the country. Throughout his career, Steve developed key relationships in the top 10 markets and was responsible for developing the advertising platform for YES, which was directly linked with significant sales increases for YES Network. Before his tenure at YES Network, Steve served as Senior Vice President of Time Warner Cable NY, where he successfully grew the company’s advertising sales from $11m to well over $100m and increased national sales by 200%. During his time at Time Warner NY, the company became the number one billing cable market in the US.

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10/05/17                        On4 Communications Selects Mazars USA LLP to Audit 2017 and All Financials Moving Forward

09/29/17                        On4 Communications Announces New Board Members and the Retirement of 15 Million Additional Preferred Shares

09/27/17                        On4 Communications Hires Global Exec Peter Einstein for International Sales

09/22/17                        On4 Communications Signs Contract with 250 Dealer Extended Warranty Company

09/20/17                        On4 Communications to Expand Sales Force From 4 to 20 and Adds FLY Communications Inc. to Handle Upcoming

09/15/17                        On4 Communications Announces A 73.6% Increase in Revenue Over 2nd Quarter Major

09/13/17                        On4 Communications Announces Major $1,000,000 Contract with Pennsylvania/New Jersey Dealer Group

09/08/17                        On4 Communications Announces Major $1,200,000 New Contract

09/01/17On4 Communications is Acquiring its 51% Partner in the FMS Safe Driving App and Announces a $450,000 Deal with a 10 Dealer Group in Arizona

08/31/17   On4 Communications to Meet with BMW at its Corporate Headquarters in Munich Germany on September 15

08/29/17   On4 Communications Announces $360,000 Contract with Mid-Sized Long Island Auto Group

08/24/17   Ford Fleet Services Reserves 1000 Units for a Large Mid-Western Utility Company

08/21/17                                    On4 Communications Secures Meeting with General Motors Corp

08/17/17                                              On4 Communications Lands Meeting with Enterprise Rent-A-Car

08/15/17                                                         Ford Fleet Services Invites On4 Communications to Present its FMS Safe Driving App

08/11/17                                                           On4 Communications Makes an Ad Deal with Google Brazil

08/10/17   ONCI is Proud to Announce An Invitation By The Governor Of The Great State of Michigan's Office to Pitch its FMS Safe Driving App

08/08/17                                                       ONCI Secures Meeting with Chrysler Corp

08/04/17   Ford Motor Company Invites On4 Comm. to its Corporate Offices in Dearborn, Michigan to Pitch its FMS Distracted Driving Solution

08/03/17          ONCI Launches Deal with Large Extended Warranty Company in Argentina

08/01/17                       ONCI Launches Major Deal with a Large Worldwide Online Shopping Site

07/27/17                                    ONCI Inks Deal with Major Florida Auto Dealer Law Group

06/26/17    ONCI Launches Global Distribution and Inks a Deal in Brazil and South America

06/16/17                                                   On4 Communications Announces Record Revenues

05/01/17  On4 Communications, Inc. Board of Directors Agrees on Plan of Merger and Reorganization

04/26/17                                                                         ONCI Releases New Contract

04/19/17                       On4 Communications Inc's FMS Marketing Receives $100k Order..

3/28/17                            On4 Communications, Inc.’s FMS Marketing Receives Invitation..

3/27/17                            On4 Communications, Inc. Secures New Counsel to Implement..

3/15/17                                     On4 Communications Inc Files Q1 Financials and Reports..

1/24/17                               ONCI Increases Revenue by Securing 8 New Vendors in Florida

1/18/17                                 ONCI Launches Revolutionary Tracking Device Platform and..

01/06/17             ONCI Secures Luxury Auto Dealer for their Proprietary FMS Drive Safe App

12/23/16                                                ONCI Secures New Contract with Large Taxi Fleet

12/19/16                   ONCI Secures New Contract with Large Food & Beverage Distributor

12/09/16        ONCI Announces Joint Venture with Digital Media Management & Consulting

12/02/16                           ONCI Secures 7 New Vendors and Launches Global Distribution

11/14/16                                      ONCI Has Begun the Process of Reducing the O/S by 1.5 Billion

11/04/16                                                    On4 Communications Acquires FMS Marketing